NSF CPS Proposal Awarded

I am pleased to announce that I was awarded an NSF Grant entitled Hybrid Control Tools for Power Management and Optimization in Cyber-Physical Systems. This grant is a joint research endeavor with Georgia Tech. It will allow for close interaction between Georgia Tech and York College. Furthermore, it facilitates the establishment of a novel Research Co-op experience for undergraduate students at York College. Stay tuned for more details as the grant gets going!

Phidgets and Clojure Integration

I have been using Phidgets in sensing and control applications in our Automation and Robotics Lab for several months. These devices are awesome since the company supports so many languages – including my favorite: Java. Since I have been learning Clojure, I thought it would be a great experience to play with Phidgets utilizing Clojure’s built-in Java interoperability. It turns out it is relatively simple to get Phidgets talking within Clojure!

The current Phidget I am working on is the Interface Kit 8/8/8, which provides 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, and 8 analog inputs. To use it in … Continue reading

Getting Clojure

I have recently explored the use of Clojure as an implementation language for my research. In the past, I came across the use of functional languages, such as Haskell, in control and robotics. However, I was too wrapped up in coding everything in Java to really dig into the language. But then along came Clojure: a Lisp that runs on the JVM.

I have studied Clojure for about a month and I am excited by its potential to facilitate my work on motion description languages. I also like that it has a new approach to concurrency, a … Continue reading

JamVM on Phidget SBC

I recently acquired a slew of Phidget SBCs for my lab and have been working to upgrade their Java runtime to use the most recent version of JamVM. After successfully building a new kernel with JamVM 1.5.4 support, I decided to share the process for anyone else interested in upgrading JamVM! Note that this tutorial is for upgrading JamVM on the Phidget 1070 SBC, which has less RAM than their newer 1072. Furthermore, the newer 1072 runs a Debian distribution, which should make it easier to upgrade.


Pancakes Marches On!

Pancakes, a software framework I have been working on with my colleagues at the Georgia Tech GRITS Lab has been accepted at the 10th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotics Systems (DARS2010). We will be working towards a release in the near future.

In the meantime, I will be populating my lab at York College with robots, sensor nodes, and other fun things for studying robotics and cyber-physical systems.