Student Projects

Spring 2013 – Multi-Agent Solar Farm

In EGR442, Applied Controls, students learn about modern control design and implementation using cyber systems. The project for the course tasked students with creating a multi-agent solar farm that needs to maximize total power output while minimizing individual control effort. The pictures and videos below demonstrate the students’ work in Spring 2013:

Multi-agent solar farm maximizing output power.

Multi-agent solar farm maximizing output power.

Fall 2012 – Industrial Data Acquisition and Analysis

A student developed a data acquisition system for monitoring the activity within the Automation and Robotics Lab at York College. The system was implemented with a National Instruments Compact RIO using LabView Real-time. The student learned how to construct an industrial panel. The student programmed the controller to record, analyze, and log environmental variables, such as temperature and light.

Industrial automation panel constructed during an independent study.

Industrial automation panel constructed during an independent study.

Summer 2012 – Behavior Based Robotics

During an independent study, a student used behavior based robotics methods to implement a “cockroach-bot” that would avoid light and sound. The robot used a subsumption architecture built in ROS.

Fall 2011 – Computer Science Senior Design

The CS program at York College requires seniors to participate in a semester-long software project. Four students worked with one of my robots to give it some intelligence. One of the main tasks was to create a ROS package to enable ROS-based control my DrRobot X80SVP. Furthermore, the students implemented a simulator, obstacle avoidance algorithms, and a Kinect-based gesture-control system.

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